The Exorcist: Believer

Although the horror sequel "The Exorcist: Believer" (Universal) gets off to a reasonably promising start, it degenerates quickly. In fact, it ends up being a muddle both dramatically and, more significantly, in its treatment of religion.

Director and co-writer David Gordon Green's take

Thank the Lord: Here’s how exorcists freed me

Catholic author Tom Hoopes shares the story of how, throughout his adult years, he had been seeing regular visions of himself committing suicide: “It got so bad that for more 10 years or so I found I could no longer sleep without

How does a priest become an exorcist?

A reader asks: “How does a priest become an exorcist? Can he volunteer, or is the selection process personally handled by their bishop?” Monsignor Charles Pope answers:, “If a priest is appointed exorcist, the initiative should be the bishop’s, and the priest

Can you earn your way to heaven?

A reader asks for clarity whether people can earn their way into heaven. In his response, Monsignor Charles Pope explains: “We cannot earn salvation. We are saved by the grace of faith working through love. … The central problem with the faith