Preventing the nightmare before Christmas

Every year around holiday time kids' behavior disintegrates. Visiting with relatives is always the worst part. The kids are overstimulated at one house, then bored at another. Around the holidays they seem to morph into whiny, greedy little monsters. Is there a

The greatest desire of our heart

As Advent approaches, Scott Richert reflects on the example of his mother, who passed away in early November. Richert writes: “When my sisters and I were young, my mother would spend all of Advent baking cookies and making candy. … But my

One mother shares the joys and challenges of adoption

For Emily Stimpson Chapman, an adoptive mother of three, adoption reflects God’s relationship with humanity. “God calls us as children by adoption, so adoptive families are an image of God’s relationship with the human race,” the Catholic wife, mother and writer said.

Grace can be found in a season of grief

Karen and Kevin Beaton have lived through the loss of two of their six children. Independent tragic circumstances claimed the lives of their five-year-old daughter, Christine, in 1982 and their adult son, Colin, in 2018 at the age of 31. "In my

Let the dead bury the dead

The annual tradition of gathering at our parents' grave in our hometown is both heartwarming and thought-provoking. As my far-flung siblings and I convene writes Simcha Fisher, we offer a rosary, engaging in deep chats and stirring reminiscences. Last year, she initiated

It’s time for a family and spiritual reset

Back in 2015, newly engaged, I signed on the dotted line (and initialed about 135 times) before departing from the cozy conference room with a new-to-me house. Before I left, the former owner looked at me and said, “What are you going

Managing the growing chorus of opinions

In the bustling chaos of raising children, the multitude of opinions that emerge under one roof can sometimes feel overwhelming. From musical preferences to toy disputes, bedtime routines to snack time negotiations, it’s a constant whirlwind of individual desires. Yet, amid this

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