The strange gift of grace

Be ready for Mass on the Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Father Joshua Whitfield reflects on the parable of the landowner who hires laborers for his vineyard. The parable teaches us something about the inscrutable justice of God and the strange calculations

The compound interest of amazing grace

Bill Dodds discusses grace and three considerations of grace, writing " First, the dark side of this "compound interest" business. Sin builds on sin." Second, he says, "through grace, by grace, we can catch a glimpse of what, of who, we were

How to find grace in the furnace of our sins

Writer Kenneth Craycraft examines Phil Klay’s short story “Fire in the Furnace” through a Catholic lens — one that is of particular relevance during the season of Lent. Klay tells the story of a Marine who feels guilty about the sins of

Finding grace in the midst of outrage

Greg Popcak writes that while there are almost endless reasons to be frustrated and angry in our world today, our focus must always be on the face of Christ, which means finding the courage to face those problems with hope, with confidence

Greed can be good … when it comes to grace

It seems strange — but accurate — to say the saints were a greedy bunch when it came to grace. They just wanted more, more, more — and pretty much would stop at nothing to get it. Sacrifice? Sure! Poverty? No problem!