What happens when we lose sight of our neighbors?

As a soccer fan who follows the professional game around the globe, I’m used to the taunts and eye-rolls I receive from my friends who don’t appreciate the Beautiful Game. But I wasn’t ready for what one popular columnist wrote about soccer-watching

America’s split responses to migrant caravan

Thousands of migrants from Central America’s violent Northern Triangle were still weeks away from reaching Tijuana, Mexico, near southern California, but in late October Father Pat Murphy was already thinking about how to meet their needs. “When they’re about a week away,

No human being is illegal

He was barely 3 years old. Wearing black shoes and a deep-blue striped shirt, he pressed his face between the 30-foot-high, solid-iron bar fence that separates the United States from Mexico. Not even his tiny face can squeeze in through the gaps

Church intervenes with immigrant families

Weeks after President Trump signed an executive order rescinding the “zero-tolerance policy” for separating families at the border, many still remain to be reunited. As Americans have watched to see how the U.S. government responds to this crisis, Church leaders have been

Family separations spark episcopal response

For years, advocates of immigration reform decried the lack of action on immigration in the United States. In recent months, that stagnation has given way to a deluge of changes, nearly all of them aimed at cutting the number of immigrants, whether

Editorial: About the border

In mid-June, Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and various other U.S. bishops joined others across the religious and political spectrums in calling for an end to Trump administration immigration policies that include the separation of

Reading Romans 13

The upside of Attorney General Jeff Sessions using Paul’s Letter to the Romans to defend the administration’s policy of family separation at the border was that people might go read the Bible for a moment. Or so was my prayer. He and

Editorial: Who is my neighbor?

The April 5 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid on a meatpacking facility in Grainger County, Tennessee, in which 10 people were arrested, was nothing new. Similar raids have been conducted under the last several administrations, going back decades. Nor was it

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