How to live like saints in a secular age

For children growing up in an active Catholic family, the secular culture seems odd. They ask about friends and family: why don’t they believe what I believe? Why don’t they go to Church on Sundays? Why don’t they believe in God? Why

Understanding the greatest gift this Christmas

Scott Richert shares why Christmas is his favorite holiday. While Easter is the greatest Christian feast because of Christ’s sacrifice for our salvation, everything about Christmas, namely the truth of the Incarnation, draws him more deeply into the mystery of the Faith.

Incarnation and human scale

Scott Richert attended a conference in mid-September honoring of the life and legacy of Wendell Berry, the farmer, poet, novelist and essayist. The entire body of his intellectual work has been inspired and informed by his place on earth and the people

‘The woman’ and ‘the two’

There has been a lot of discussion recently about women, such as with the “Weinstein Effect” and #MeToo. Misogyny in our culture is on notice, and the idea of womanhood has come to the forefront. In many respects, we have never before