Pope encourages prisoners to never lose hope

VENICE, Italy (CNS) — The rusted wrought iron frame and grate of an old well became a garden of crocheted flowers inside the courtyard of the Giudecca women’s prison in Venice. The handmade garlands also adorned the archways’ brick columns and copper

Making merciful love known wherever they go

Sister Karolyn Nunes has enjoyed every assignment she has received in her 19 years as a member of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George. Not because the assignments were the most glamorous or exciting moments, but because each

How to make sense of signs this Lent

Although probably not an historical character, Jonah's story carries lessons. God asked Jonah to perform a mission -- go to the pagans in the vast city of Nineveh and proclaim the true God. Understandably, Jonah's terrified. Instead of heading for Nineveh, he

Is God’s mercy unconditional?

A reader writes: “At Mass recently, I heard the prayers of the faithful say something like, ‘That the pastors of the Church may instill hope in the unconditional mercy of God.’ Is God’s mercy unconditional?” While it is certainly proper to say

You are a fraud, and it doesn’t matter

“About a third of medical school students feel that they’re ‘a fraud and not worthy of their achievements,” writes David Mills. “They fear they won’t get through medical school, much less become good doctors.” They aren’t the only ones who feel as

An unforgettable story of forgiveness

Gretchen Crowe, editor-in-chief of OSV News has written a new book. She tells the story: “Four years ago, I watched a video on YouTube of a woman who was doing impressive work caring for underserved children in downtown Columbus, Ohio. She’d started

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