‘Thoughts and prayers’: What good are they?

In a world where the 24/7 news cycle offers a ceaseless tide of disasters, a natural Christian inclination has become a polarizing catchphrase. Whether the news is yet another senseless mass shooting, a disastrous act of nature, or the illness of a

You can’t trick God in your prayer life

Columnist David Mills writes about the need to be honest — with yourself and with God — in our prayer lives. Try as we might, we cannot trick God into believing we’re someone we aren’t by presenting to him an ideal version

Weeping in our prayer

Columnist Kathryn Jean Lopez writes that Pope Francis has referred to “weeping in prayer” on multiple occasions: “Many of us are generally afraid of tears. We worry that it shows weakness, or imbalance, and certainly vulnerability. But it is probably when we

What the St. Andrew Christmas Novena taught me this year

Managing editor Scott Warden shares his family’s tradition of praying the St. Andrew Christmas novena. He writes: “There are stretches of time where our family’s prayer life is lackadaisical, but for those amazing nights of Advent, we all gather around the living