Kentucky church reaffirms its status as sanctuary parish

Driven by concerns over the Trump administration’s immigration enforcement policies, St. William Catholic Church in Louisville, Kentucky, with a history of welcoming refugees has reaffirmed its status as a sanctuary parish. “We're not doing anything subversive or dangerous here. We're basically doing

Incarnation and human scale

Scott Richert attended a conference in mid-September honoring of the life and legacy of Wendell Berry, the farmer, poet, novelist and essayist. The entire body of his intellectual work has been inspired and informed by his place on earth and the people

A Catholic approach to immigration

Migration has been an integral part of the human story since Homo sapiens began to leave Africa more than 70,000 years ago. DNA tests today show the migration paths that one’s ancestors took from the Horn of Africa, over tens of thousands

The Church and basic income proposals

Anxiety over getting replaced in a job can be a powerful impetus for people and lead to radical outcomes. Donald Trump successfully campaigned for the presidency in 2016 by appealing to voters who’d seen their livelihoods in the coal industry go away.

Looking through the ‘justice lens’

Some of the darkest days in the 75-year history of Catholic Relief Services (CRS) were in April 1994. Even as there was celebration of Nelson Mandela’s election in South Africa, there was horror at what was taking place in Rwanda: the slaughter

Against ‘autonomy’ that denies human dignity

“The Church must work in the coming months with unions, workers, the elderly, and the poor to counter the growing imperialism of market mechanisms within American public life,” said Bishop Robert W. McElroy of San Diego at the third “Erroneous Autonomy” conference