The strange lesson of St. Thomas Aquinas

A reader writes: “I learned that St. Thomas Aquinas had a communication with Our Lord, receiving affirmation that he had ‘written well’ about the Eucharist. But, later in his life, St. Thomas stopped writing, having received a vision and believed, as a

Did Jesus know he was God?

A reader asks: “When did Jesus know he was God?” As Monsignor Charles Pope explains: “In Christ, we must distinguish his human knowledge from his divine knowledge. Clearly, as God, Jesus always knew he was God since the divine knowledge is omniscient

Do the Gospels contradict each other?

Luke does not recount the flight to Egypt but simply says that the Holy Family returned to Nazareth. This seems to conflict with Matthew’s account that says they fled to Egypt. How do we resolve this? Monsignor Charles Pope explains by quoting

How to baptize someone in danger of death

Are Catholics permitted to baptize a dying individual? If so, how is that done and what is spoken over the person? Monsignor Charles Pope explains: “In danger of death, many of the rules about sacraments are relaxed while what is urgent and

If aliens came to Earth, could they be baptized?

A reader asks: “Would we baptize an alien if one ever came to Earth?” Monsignor Charles Pope answers that if the aliens from another world were pure angelic-like creatures, they could not be baptized. If however, aliens from another world were persons

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