Can a Protestant go to confession?

A reader asks: “Can a Protestant confess his sins to a Catholic priest and have them forgiven?” Monsignor Charles Pope explains, “Not usually. There are, however, a couple of exceptions. The first exception is in danger of death. Canon law says, ‘If

Is God present everywhere?

A reader asks, “Why is visiting a church ‘better’ than going to the woods or mountains where some claim they sense God’s presence more?” Monsignor Charles Pope answers, “God is present everywhere, but this does not mean he is present in the

Can the pope overturn a previous pope’s teaching?

A reader asks: “Does the pope have the authority to overturn pronouncements of previous popes, for example, in matters of contraception and the ordination of women?” As Monsignor Charles Pope explains, we must distinguish between different types of law and teaching. There

Why do we need a pope?

When it comes to the pope, many Protestants might say, “Who needs a pope? We have Jesus and the Bible and don’t need some man to tell us what to do.” How should we respond? Monsignor Charles Pope shares that at the

Were angels with Jesus during his passion?

A reader writes: “We hear about angels ministering to Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. ... The next reference to angels is at the empty tomb, mysterious witnesses to his glorious resurrection. Can we assume that angels were absent during Christ’s passion?”

Why are bishops no longer called apostles?

Question: “We know as Catholics that our bishops of today are descendants of the apostles (apostolic succession). Having said that, I don’t see any of the apostles being addressed as bishop in the Bible. When did this transition take place and were

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