Are there Freemasons in the Catholic Church?

A reader writes: “I read with interest recent articles on the Church reemphasizing its prohibition against membership in the Masonic Orders. I certainly understand the rationale for the prohibition. What is confusing is that there continues to be reports of high-ranking members

What’s the lesson of the poor widow?

A reader writes: “Jesus praises the poor widow for giving from what she had need of and seems dismissive of those who gave from their surplus. Isn’t there something irresponsible about giving from what we need? What is the Lord really saying

How did Jesus establish the Sacrament of Marriage?

A reader asks, “Please describe how Jesus established the Sacrament of Marriage.” Jesus did this in two ways, explains Monsignor Charles Pope: “through his own teaching during his public ministry, also, by speaking through his apostle, St. Paul; and, because Jesus continues

Can a Protestant go to confession?

A reader asks: “Can a Protestant confess his sins to a Catholic priest and have them forgiven?” Monsignor Charles Pope explains, “Not usually. There are, however, a couple of exceptions. The first exception is in danger of death. Canon law says, ‘If

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