Interesting theory, but rights do come from God

During a recent MSNBC appearance, Politico correspondent Heidi Przybyla attempted to differentiate Christian views from “Christian Nationalism” but muddied the waters by claiming that only Christian Nationalists think rights come from God and not human political bodies. But this is the mainstream

C.S. Lewis and the ‘Great War’ over imagination

While reading C.S. Lewis’ spiritual autobiography “Surprised by Joy” for the first time, Scott Richert, in his most recent column, reflects on the Great War over the role that imagination plays in bringing us to a knowledge of higher things. Richert poses

In this house, we believe we need more signs

The proliferation of yard signs embodying the culture of death has become a noticeable phenomenon, stretching beyond mere political messages to philosophical declarations. These signs often articulate creeds and beliefs, as exemplified by the popular yard sign originating from a Wisconsin librarian