Pray this chaplet before Lent ends

In her latest Openers column, associate editor Ava Lalor gives an update on how her Lent has been going. About midway through Lent, a couple conversations helped her to realize that she wanted something more out of the season. While she had

Come home to the Father’s Divine Mercy

In a reflection for Divine Mercy Sunday, OSV publisher Scott P. Richert writes that contemplating God as a God of both justice and mercy can seem paradoxical. He writes: “But God, of course, is constant in his will. If he is, as

Falling in love with the devotion to Divine Mercy

This year, for the first time, managing editor Scott Warden and his family prayed the Divine Mercy Novena together. Scott writes: “I’d never really spent much time with the Divine Mercy devotion until this year. I’ve seen the Divine Mercy image hundreds

A re-conversion and the power of Divine Mercy

In the early 2000s, Chris Alar was enjoying the good life. He was living in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina and had a nice home on the water, a successful consulting business and was engaged to “the most beautiful girl