How my father’s death renewed my hope in God

In the midst of the COVID lockdowns, columnist Simcha Fisher lost her father. Yet his death, funeral and burial just before Easter 2020 gave her a renewed sense of the firm ground of God’s presence. In this article she talks about how

Let’s celebrate Easter for a while

This year's Lent was particularly challenging, not only due to personal struggles in maintaining Lenten resolutions amidst a backdrop of bleak news but also as a reminder of the world's, and our own, need for a savior, writes Greg Erlandson. Despite these

White House endorsed transgender day on Easter

A proclamation from the nation's second Catholic president on a transgender-themed occasion is causing consternation among some faithful, as the date coincides this year with Easter -- and as the annual White House Easter egg art contest bans, among other things, religious

How popular literature often points to the Resurrection

The Resurrection is the most real event in human history. Christ’s bodily resurrection is bedrock reality, both of spirit and of matter. On this rock all other Christian beliefs, visions and practices are built. In reference to it alone do they retain

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