On IVF, follow the law of love, not politics

Columnist Kathryn Jean Lopez contrasts former president Donald Trump’s recent championing of IVF with the approach to the topic taken by the novel and movie adaption, “Someone Like You.” She argues that Catholics can learn from the more narrative approach to the

No, Mary was not a surrogate mother

A reader writes: “Wasn’t Mary a surrogate mother? Did she not bear a son for someone other than her husband, Joseph? Jesus was the Son of God. Was he not conceived by artificial insemination? She didn’t have intercourse with anyone. … I

Infertility is painful, but IVF and surrogacy are wrong

In January, Pope Francis condemned surrogacy, and in February, the Alabama Supreme Court declared that frozen embryos are children. Together, these events thrust the Church’s condemnation of IVF and surrogacy into the public eye. Our Sunday Visitor columnist Kenneth Craycraft explains the

Trump challenges new Alabama ruling on IVF

Former President Donald Trump on Feb. 23 responded to the Alabama Supreme Court's in vitro fertilization ruling in a statement saying he supports the "availability of IVF" and calling on the state's Legislature to "act quickly to find an immediate solution" to