The blind see and the deaf hear, but do we?

Most of us do not live with life altering physical disabilities like blindness and deafness. But we often can be blind and deaf to the will of God. Assistant editor Ava Lalor writes that on Gaudete Sunday, the halfway point of Advent,

Are there guidelines for music at Mass?

A reader asks: “Does the Church give any guidance about what hymns or worship music can/should be used at Mass?” Monsignor Charles Pope answers that while Catholic Hymnals used in our parishes require ecclesiastical approval in order to be used, there is

Priest celebrates his 10,000th Mass

A friend of Kathryn Jean Lopez recently celebrated his 10,000th Mass. Lopez writes: “A priest is supposed to celebrate Mass as it were his first, last and only Mass. And the sight of a priest who truly prays the Mass with a

Why are there different color scapulars?

The word scapular comes from the Latin word scapula, meaning “shoulder.” Many religious wear larger, tunic-like scapulars as part of their habit, in different colors depending on the order, and smaller versions worn by lay people are often worn under their clothing.

What should we see at consecration?

What do you see when the priest elevates the host at the consecration during Mass? This isn’t a trick question, but it’s one that goes to the heart of how we, as Catholics, should view the world. In my last column, as

Chair in the sanctuary

A reader asks monsignor Pope, Is it proper for the priest who is celebrating Mass to leave the sanctuary and sit in the congregation to listen to the homily when it is delivered by a deacon? In a word: No. As a

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