Norms at the altar

Question: This Sunday for the first time, the carafe containing the wine for the parishioners was placed on a table off the altar, right in front of the pews. After the consecration, an extraordinary minister of the Eucharist poured the wine into

Why we ‘take up the gifts’

Many have walked through the doors of church and immediately been asked if they’d be willing to “take up the gifts” during Mass. The laity carrying the bread and wine to the altar — the bread and wine that will become the

Does TV Mass ‘count’?

Question: I am 87 years old, live in a retirement community and can no longer drive. I attend the Mass that is offered here once a month and receive holy Communion when it is distributed each week by extraordinary ministers of the

Understanding the parts of the Mass

Part I: The Liturgy of the Word Introductory rites The Mass begins with a procession of, at minimum, the priest into the sanctuary. The priest and anyone who accompanies him represents the congregation, and their journey symbolizes the Christian journey through life

What every Catholic needs to know about funerals

It is one of the most important events a Catholic community celebrates in a person’s life, but one so often misunderstood and increasingly ignored. The funeral Mass. The funeral liturgy in a church setting is a final opportunity to commend the deceased

So, what do the colors mean?

In ancient Rome, the emperor draped himself in regal purple, the priests of Mars wore crimson vestments to honor the bloody god of war and families in mourning shrouded themselves in black. But when Christian bishops, priests and deacons stood at the

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