One mom-theologian’s take on how to keep kids Catholic

Raising faithful Catholic kids in today's society is not easy. Holly Taylor Coolman, assistant professor of theology at Providence College and adoptive mother of five, recognizes the many challenges and recently spoke with OSV News' Charlie Camosy about her new book "Parenting:

The ‘long game’ of Advent parenting

As Advent rapidly draws to a close, Catholic families are scrambling to prepare for Christmas while trying to maintain a spirit of solemn anticipation. Simcha Fisher shares her strategy for making Advent a season of anticipation rather than a month-long frenzy. Observing

Laying the foundation for vocational discernment

Writer and Catholic dad Leonard DeLorenzo coaches parents in helping their children become capable of their vocations: Parents’ vocation is to help your children become capable of their vocations. Each vocation is the specific shape of one’s own discipleship, and discipleship itself

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