Vatican diplomacy may bring hope for peace in Ukraine

Unless the Ukrainian army’s current counteroffensive ends in clearcut victory for either Ukraine or Russia -- an outcome that seems unlikely at the moment -- it is possible, though hardly certain, that conditions then will finally exist for a ceasefire and peace

Dorothy Day: A worker for the poor and outcast

Columnist Russell Shaw explores the life of Dorothy Day, who with Peter Maurin, founded the Catholic Worker, which became “a significant presence in American Catholicism, not only helping the poor and outcast but providing a rallying point for other activists and young

What the synod should be about

While there are many critics of the ongoing synodal process, whose full first session is just months away, Russell Shaw writes that there can still be positives that come from synodality. However, he agrees with an article written by theologian Chris Ruddy,

Seeking truth in the struggle with our sins

(OSV News) — Sincerity is the life blood of a robust spiritual life. It’s one of those good habits I call “worldly virtues,” meaning virtues essential for living a good life in the middle of the world — in this case, by

C.S. Lewis and his long journey toward Christianity

Writer Russell Shaw explores the faith struggle of C.S. Lewis, an atheist who became a conservative Anglican with traditional theological views. Besides scholarly works, his books include an immensely popular series of children’s stories set in an imaginary land called Narnia, three

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