Eucharistic processions bring Christ to the world

Father Patrick Briscoe writes about spending Corpus Christi at a parish in Rhode Island. Reflecting on the homily, which addressed the various processions that we participate in throughout our lives, he emphasizes the importance of Eucharistic processions as celebrations of gratitude. He

Do priests remember the sins we confess to them?

A reader asks if priests remember the sins they hear in confession. Monsignor Charles Pope offers a priest’s perspective before concluding, “your priest, even if he recognizes you in the moment of the confession, is probably not going to remember the specifics

Be gentle, especially when sharing the Faith

The early 20th century scholar Friedrich von Hügel is a supreme example of gentleness in teaching the faith. Almost everything he wrote expressed his desire to encourage people and a sensitivity to the ways they can be discouraged. He had a destination

When people disagree, how instructive is AI?

When Our Sunday Visitor columnist Brett Salkeld got into a discussion about transubstantiation on social media, his interlocutor claimed that AI agreed with him, not Salkeld. In reflecting on that conversation, Salkeld argues that AI is ill suited to contentious topics about

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