Magnificat accompanies Catholics who cannot attend Mass

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Yonkers, NY – During this difficult time, many of the faithful across the United States and all around the world may be unable to attend Sunday or weekday Mass. As a service to the Church and to help the faithful sanctify their day, MAGNIFICAT has announced its decision to provide temporary complimentary access to its online versions of the daily prayer resource throughout the world, including in English: and Spanish:

MAGNIFICAT President Romain Lizé noted,  “When you are used to going to Mass regularly, it can be spiritually difficult and frustrating when you cannot attend because of sickness or out of caution. We are honored to make this resource available to keep everyone united with the Church and to sanctify their day as it offers all the texts of Mass and prayers inspired by the Liturgy of the Hours.”

Access to its online edition is being given to help the faithful pray with MAGNIFICAT in union with the Church each Sunday and weekday. Mr. Lizé added, “We are committed to making this resource available for as long as it takes to get this situation under control. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to pray with us for a speedy and safe end to this time of difficulty in our world.” 

For more information, please contact John Sacco at (914) 502-1848 or

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