How to fully live a Eucharistic life

With the U.S. bishops’ National Catholic Revival kicking off on Corpus Christi Sunday, Sister Nancy Usselmann writes in her latest column that each one of us is called to live a Eucharistic life. But what does that look like, and how do

A Eucharistic revival is around the corner

Eucharistic adoration has been a part of Ava Lalor’s life since high school. As she writes in her latest column “I’ve been surrounded by communities where Eucharistic adoration hasn’t only been available but thriving. Whenever I needed to ground myself deeper in

Each of us is David, and we face Goliath every day

Managing editor Scott Warden writes about a recent experience he had while reading the story of David and Goliath during Eucharistic adoration. He writes: “I was familiar with the story — as is most anyone who spent time at Vacation Bible School

Religion is essential

Kathryn Jean Lopez asks, “Why are we not adoring the Lord in socially distanced droves? What is keeping us from him? It’s not the state — you can thank the Becket Fund for Religious Freedom for helping with that. And the church