Religion is essential

Kathryn Jean Lopez asks, “Why are we not adoring the Lord in socially distanced droves? What is keeping us from him? It’s not the state — you can thank the Becket Fund for Religious Freedom for helping with that. And the church

I met a new friend at adoration: St. Thérèse

Managing editor Scott Warden shares how he has made a new friend in St. Thérèse. After his family signed up for an adoration hour at their church, Warden has been using the time in prayer by reading St. Thérèse’s autobiography, “Story of

God feels far away, but he is closer than ever

At the beginning of the year, assistant editor Ava Lalor resolved to visit Jesus in the Eucharist every day. Now, with Masses becoming unavailable to the public and adoration chapels closing their doors, Lalor is even more determined to continue this practice

The power of Eucharistic adoration

Brian Fraga writes how adorers, the faithful who make a Holy Hour in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, have found peace, relief from depression and addictions, and a strengthening of their faith. If you don’t think your schedule will accommodate adoration,